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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Answer: Our Service Fee includes the delivery fee. It is vary from 5,000Tsh to 12,000Tsh depending on the distance from MabiboSokoni

Answer: We receive payment via Mobile Money Merchant no. 5592745 (Vodacom) or Cash upon delivery

Answer: Estimated Delivery Time is between 1hr to 3hrs on the same day.

Answer: In case there is any issue with the delivered item(s). We would replace it at our own cost.

Answer: You can order through our website or send us your list on WhatsApp no. +255 753 044 066

Answer: You will receive an Electronic Invoice on your email once the is completed

Answer: You can send us the list of items via WhatsApp no. +255 753 044 066 or email